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Tattoo Concealer

Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer Jar
Price: $19.95
Tatjacket Blender Packs:  Each Pack Contains 3 shades
(List $8.99, Save 12%)
Price: $7.95
Whatever your reason for covering up your ink, keep the doubters quiet by concealing your tattoos and body art with water-resistant tattoo concealer. Tattoo cover up and tattoo concealer options abound, but few are as easy to apply as the TatJacket 15ml jar and the Concealer Blender 3-Pack. Plus, a variety of skin-color hues means that no matter your skin tone, you will be covered. Delivered in an easy-to-apply 15ml jar, Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer is suited for all skin types and tattoos. With optimum elasticity, the product doesnít crack or flake on the job. Plus, it comes off easily with our concealer remover. Itís also useful for hiding scars, acne and other skin imperfections. For an even easier application, the TatJacket Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack can be used to conceal any kind of tattoo in a single step. Water-resistant and flexible, the Blender Pack is available in different skin hues to customize a solution as unique as you are.

I love your product.. As a pro makeup artist it's amazing for real life look on the skin, especially in the new digital and HD filming formats, rather than the layers of color corrective concealers and powdering we've had to do. Sherilyn S. Miami Beach FL

Im now in love with this product. Laura P Arlington TX

Love the product. I just finished applying the test cover. Since it came in the mail I was overly nervous it would take me forever to find the right mix. There was nothing to fear, perfect cover after just three small layers of the light jar (pink undertones). I must admit I have a simple tattoo (Asian letters in black ink only) and pale skin so that may be a factor that made it simple. Regardless it's great and a HUGE help to me. Parker B

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