Tatjacket JR (BROWN) 8" Sleeves for the forearm or ankle. Available in 4 colors.
  • Tatjacket JR (BROWN) 8"
    Tatjacket JR (BROWN) 8"
    Tatjacket JR (BROWN) 8"
    Tatjacket JR (BROWN) 8"
    Tatjacket JR (BROWN) 8"
    Tatjacket JR (BROWN) 8"
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    Product SKU: 420-JR-BROWN
    Price: $15.95

    • 2 sleeves per package!
    • Smooth and concealed seams and no screened Logo for a clean look
    • Fabric blend has a matte finish, not shiny
    • UPF 50 sun protection for your arms
    • Protects your ink from fading and discoloration
    • Protects your skin from harmful UV radiation
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    Whether youíve got a family member to please or a supervisor to pacify, hiding your tattoos and body art isnít necessarily a major pain or an expensive task. Convenient TatJacket JR products easily conceal tattoos of any size and body art with any level of detail. Take the TatJacket JR 8-inch Sleeves for the wrist or ankle, for instance: with 2 sleeves per pack, covering up any ink on your wrists or ankles is just about as simple as putting a shirt on. The TatJacket JR offers a sleek finish, hidden seams and a professional look. It also protects your tattoo from unwanted fading, discoloration and skin damage from the sunís harmful UV radiation. This 8-inch sleeve is ideal for concealing tattoos quickly and affordably.