"IKE JACKET" (BROWN) 9" half sleeves for the upper arm or lower leg. Available in 4 colors
  • Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)
    Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)
    Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)
    Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)
    Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)
    Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)
    Tatjacket "IKE JACKET" (BROWN)
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    Product SKU: IKE-BROWN
    Price: $17.95

    • 2 sleeves per package!
    • Smooth and concealed seams for a clean look
    • Fabric blend has a matte finish, not shiny
    • Non-slip gripper upper cuff so the sleeve stays put
    • 50 sun protection for your arms
    • Protects your ink from fading and discoloration
    • Protects your skin from harmful UV radiation
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    Cleanly covers the upper arm to the elbow. Or, can be positioned to cover to just below the elbow for 3/4 length tattoos. Or, Cleanly covers lower leg from the base of the knee to the base of the Calf. TatJacket sleeves are much cooler and more comfortable than wearing a long sleeve shirt to cover your ink. You can also pull TatJacket sleeves off during a break. You canít do that with a long sleeve shirt. TatJacket sleeves are also helpful in protecting your ink from fading or discoloration caused by exposure to the sun. Even those without tattoos can use TatJacket to protect their skin from harmful UV sunlight when working outdoors. TatJacket sleeves are machine washable and requires no other attention. We know you will love them, so try TatJacket today. "Because you love your ink, but your boss doesn't."

    A word on sizing

    Size Selection This applies to men and women alike. These are very general conditions.

    Size Small

    For petite customers with very slender arms. Length 9", Top Cuff Diameter 4.5", Middle Arm Diameter 3.5"

    Size Medium

    Height Range 4' 10" to 5' 9" Weight Range 100-180 lbs. Length 9", Top Cuff Diameter 5.5", Middle Arm Diameter 4.5"

    Size Large

    Height Range 5' 10" to 6' 5" Weight Range 181-280 lbs. Length 9", Top Cuff Diameter 6.5", Middle Arm Diameter 5"

    The sleeves are made of a flexible and stretchable material similar to cycling shorts or dance tights. The sleeves will snug to the surface of your skin but should not constrict. If you are right between 2 sizes or have a question as to which size would be best, always choose the larger size.