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Healing & Protection

Tattoo Science Immediate Aftercare Kit for New Tattoos
(List $14.99, Save 0%)
Price: $14.95
Tattoo Science Daily Maintenance Kit
(List $24.99, Save 20%)
Price: $19.95
Tattoo Science Moisturizing Tattoo Maintenance Lotion (Fragrance Free)
(List $8.99, Save 12%)
Price: $7.95
Tattoo Science Moisturizing Tattoo Maintenance Lotion (Light Clove Scent)
(List $8.99, Save 12%)
Price: $7.95
Tattoo Science Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 Tattoo Sunscreen
(List $8.99, Save 12%)
Price: $7.95
Tattoo Science Vibrant Tattoo Shine Spray
Price: $9.95
Tattoo Science Hydrating Cleanser
(List $8.99, Save 12%)
Price: $7.95
In 2011, we began firing up the creative juices on a line of tattoo care products. We wanted to address specific immediate aftercare for new tattoos and then ongoing maintenance for existing tattoos. We created the "TATTOO SCIENCE" brand. A holistic approach to tattoo care. The Tattoo Science Immediate aftercare kit includes everything you need when you get a new tattoo. The other Tattoo Science products include everything you need to keep tattoos looking sharp and make the colors pop.

Tattoo buffs know that skin is sensitive and body art requires attention and tattoo maintenance. But the tattoo protection products offered at many tattoo shops are second-rate at best. Enter Tatjacket's own Tattoo Science: a tattoo aftercare and maintenance complete product line that combines top-quality ingredients with high performance, so your skin remains protected before, during and after your ink session.

Consider Exhibit A, Tattoo Science SPF 30 tattoo sunscreen protection. Our very special applicator top allows you to target the application right where itís needed and keep it away from where itís not. Apply this directly to your tattoo, for a concentrated shot of moisture. With a Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen rating and a water resistant formula, the special Spot-On applicator protects your tattoo's color without the "halo effect" that results from other application methods. For even more immediate tattoo aftercare and ongoing tattoo maintenance products, check out the complete Tattoo Science Immediate Aftercare Kit and the Ongoing Maintenance Kit. The products included in these kits are designed specifically for tatted skin, so they moisturize and enhance color all at once. Plus, the vitamin-boosted formulas encourage quick and long-term healing.


"I have purchased the science maintenance clove lotion. I really like the product and will continue purchasing it, among other products I am eager to try out." Nancy C. NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA.