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Tattoo Goo Aftercare

Combat a case of the post-tat blues with an arsenal of tattoo aftercare products. Freshly inked skin is sensitive and can be dry, craving vitamins and ingredients that are just not made with the tatted in mind. Treat your freshly-inked skin right with Tattoo Goo Deep Cleaning Soap, a dermatologist-tested soap specially designed for skin adorned with body art. Then thereís the Tattoo Goo Quick Penetrating Lotion, which helps protect skin against scabbing and is stuffed with feel-good vitamins like A and Dójust what your skin craves. Plus, the product provides plenty of moisture, which helps enhance your tatís color and accelerates the healing process. As far as ointment needs go, the Tattoo Goo Aftercare Ointment delivers vitamins and maintains an occlusive barrier, perfect for protecting sensitive skin while speeding up your skinís healing process.