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Eclipse Tattoo Covers

Eclipse Tattoo Cover (Combination Pack of 6 colors)
Price: $9.95
Eclipse Tattoo Cover Kit (6 pieces in 6 color choices)
Price: $9.95
Hands, feet and necks are some of the most popular areas for tattoos, but they’re also the most challenging to cover. Tat jackets for hands, as well as foot tattoo covers and neck tattoo covers, are customizable solutions that look and feel as natural as possible. Hide tattoos on your fingers, feet, neck and hands easily with the Eclipse Tattoo Cover (combination pack of 6 colors). Long-wearing and durable, an Eclipse Tattoo Cover will likely outlast any occasion in which you need to cover up—in fact, it keeps you covered for 3 or more days. With a fast application and zero drying time, this combination pack is water-, smear- and smudge-proof. Are you boasting an out of the ordinary-shaped tattoo? These patches are ideal for covering the precise shape of tattoos in the most unusual designs and even in the most hard-to-cover of places. Plus, the product is made in the U.S. with FDA-approved ingredients and is quickly removed when you’re ready to be yourself again. Color combinations include: ivory, light, fair, olive, pale and tan.

Love, love, love this product! Amanda B. Vidor, TX

I live in the "Bible Belt" here in South Carolina and it is still hard to get a decent job without people looking at you funny for having tattoos on your neck. Now I can go to interviews with confidence that they will judge me for me and not because of my tattoos. Thanks a ton! Brandon L. Travelers Rest, SC

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