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Cover-up Sleeves (Available in 4 colors)

 2-Per-Pack of Original full length sleeves for Men and Women <p>Available in 4 colors</p>
2-Per-Pack Sleeves for upper arm or lower leg for Men and Women<p>Available in 4 colors</p>
2-Per-Pack Sleeves 8" for the wrist or ankle for Men and Women<p>Available in 4 colors</p>
2-Per-Pack Sleeves 4" band for the wrist for Men and Women<p>Available in 4 colors</p>
If you’ve ever been faced with a boss, friend or relative who just doesn’t appreciate your ink, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Where can I buy cover up sleeves?” TatJacket offers a variety of cover up products perfect for concealing your ink. A range of skin tone-matching hues makes for a natural and professional look, while our selection of sizes means you’ll find the ideal fit. Take the TatJacket JR Sleeves, which are designed for hiding tattoos on the wrist or ankle. The Sleeves are sold as a pair and feature matte fabric and hidden seams for a clean, no-nonsense appearance. Plus, with a 50 SPF rating, your tattoo is protected from discoloration and fading, while your skin is protected from damaging UV rays. To cover up tattoos located on the upper arm or lower leg, check out the TatJacket Ike Jacket half-sleeves, which include the same features as the wrist and ankle sleeves. For those looking to conceal full-sleeve tattoos, our Original TatJacket Full Tattoo Cover Up Sleeves are best-suited for the job. Available in tan, black, brown and white hues, this full-coverage sleeve does double-duty, protecting skin from UV rays and tattoos from discoloration while a matte finish and seemingly seamless design can fool anyone into thinking you’re ink-free. Plus, the non-slip gripper cuff guarantees the sleeve stays in place.

Very nice product! Made very well, good quality! Cody K. Mora NM

AWESOME product!! Chris S.

Love this thing! Thank you! Iris F. Waterford, TX

Second set I've bought! I'm a deputy who was allowed to keep my job because of it. Raven C. Ragley, LA

The cover up sleeves came quickly and it works really well. Thanks! Monika S. Niles, IL

Great product. Works great! David E. oklahoma city, OK

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