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Healing & Protection

 Tattoo Goo Aftercare
 Tatjacket Tattoo Maintainence
Tattoo buffs know that skin is sensitive and body art requires attention and tattoo maintenance. But the tattoo protection products offered at many tattoo shops are second-rate at best. Enter Tattoo Goo: a tattoo aftercare product that combines top-quality ingredients with high performance, so your skin remains protected before, during and after your ink session. Consider Exhibit A, the Tattoo Goo Color Guard .45-ounce stick. Target the application right where it’s needed and keep it away from where it’s not. Apply this dermatologist-tested formula directly to your tattoo, for a concentrated shot of moisture. With an SPF 30 and aloe extracts, the Color Guard stick moisturizes your skin and boosts your tattoo’s color. For even more aftercare products, check out the Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit. The dermatologist-tested products included in this kit are designed specifically for tatted skin, so they moisturize and enhance color all at once. Plus, the vitamin-boosted formula encourages quick and long-term healing.